48 team World Cup in Qatar?

48 team World Cup in Qatar?

The next World Cup football tournament will be held in 2022. The room is sitting in Qatar. FIFA president Ziannie Infantino has said that the number of people in this group will increase to 48.

Since 1998, 32 teams have participated in the World Cup. But in January 2017, FIFA’s Executive Council voted to play in 4826 United States-Mexico-Canada World Cup 48 teams. The proposal was originally proposed by Infantinos, the Executive Council of World Soccer’s Detroit Organization unanimously. In 2022, in the Qatar World Cup, he also wanted to host 48 teams.

Infantino said, “32 teams will participate in the Qatar World Cup. Of course if it can be organized with 48 teams, the whole world will be happy. We will try if everyone agrees, why not four years ago. In the meantime, 48 teams are participating in the 2026 World Cup. ‘

Meanwhile, in the Qatar World Cup in 2022, it is going to break the table. FIFA says it’s not June-July; World Cup to be held in November-January FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke said that the Qatar World Cup will not be in June-July. It will be between November 15 and January 15.

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