Ashraful is waiting for the second innings

Ashraful is waiting for the second innings

What is the name of the most promising cricketer wasted in his own neglect in the history of Bangladesh? Has any cricketer failed to make full sparks with Amit talent? Asked to keep a minimum inquiry into Bangladesh and outside the country, perhaps one name would come out of the name, Mohammad Ashraful.

Ashraful’s record as the youngest in the history of Test cricket And in 2005 against the Australians in Cardiff, Ashraful’s epic century made many of the most significant wins in one-day history of Bangladesh. There was a time when Ashraful’s big run meant to win Bangladesh. Ashraful’s batting in the matches won by millions of people in the country. Cricket World has seen Ashraful’s aesthetic batting in Bangladesh’s first match against Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa. Ashraful quickly became the first international star of Bangladesh cricket Since there is no other match-winner in the team, Ashraful’s batting has created a huge pressure on the expected prospect of batting from the start of the career.

But the sudden lack of consistency and the warmth of the head, the pace of hope that the pace of the Ashraful himself gave silence. In the 61 Tests, only 24 percent of Ashraful’s 6 centuries and eight half centuries. On the other hand, in the 178 one-dayers, only 22 half-centuries and Ashraful’s runs scored just 22 runs. He has scored 23 runs in T-20s at 19.57. Although captaincy, his seat in the national team was never really confirmed. In the BPL 2013 season, Ashraful has called for his own defeat in the team-to-play and occasionally some innings show. Ashraful, playing in Dhaka Dynamite, is banned from all forms of cricket by engaging in match-fixing scandal against Chittagong Vikings. Three years of ban from all types of cricket and ban for playing in international cricket and franchise league for five years. There were many who pulled the cover of his career there.

Mohammad Ashraful has given birth to a lot of second-generation cricket in Bangladesh. Against Zimbabwe, Merrill scored the second international century for Bangladesh in one-day cricket in 2005 after Mehrab Hossain scored the tri-nation tri-nation match. And after the centenary of Aminul Islam bulbul in Bangladesh’s debut test, Ashraful’s century against Sri Lanka in September 2001 was the second Test century of the country. Again, in 2004, in the match against Zimbabwe in a rainy innings, Ashraful’s Man of the Match, the match was won by Bangladesh. Ashraful is going to start his career in the second innings. He is coming back after five years of banning. The BPL has again created the stage of the return where everything was lost.

Chittagong Virat Kohli took Ashraful out of the Players’ draft. Ashraful started his practice with the team, proving himself new in the field. There is no hope of returning to the national team yet. Asked how much pressure was, he told the press, “I’m enjoying the extra pressure, not the moments. In all the pressure situations, I played at the international and domestic level. Because of the experience of playing in all formats, I know about any situation in the match.

Ashraful expressed his hope for returning to the national team, “I have the desire to play five-six years in fitness and holding my fitness. It is not impossible to return to the national team doing something like this. I would like to wear the national team’s jersey once more. ‘

But the name is Ashraful as the audience will be interested in the BPL in this year’s matches of the Vikings.

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