Finally, BPL’s door opened for Smith

Finally, BPL’s door opened for Smith

Australia’s banned captain Steven Smith will play BPL Today, the BPL governing council has informed the franchisee teams on Thursday through a letter. Players’ draft law to amend Smith has been amended to fix the BCB Earlier, on the face of a franchise’s objection, the BCB had put restrictions on Smith’s game.

Outside of the players’ draft, Smith has been named in place of Sri Lanka’s Asla Gunaratna, Comilla Victorians. Cricket fans are excited to know that the star will be allowed to play in the BPL after being temporarily banned in ball tampering. But another franchise team objected to playing Smith according to the rules of Rangpur Riders Tournament. When the BCB made the decision, Smith’s game came under restriction.

But considering the tournament more interesting, the BPL governing council continues to try to reconsider the decision of playing the star like Smith. In the end, due to the plea of ​​most franchisee teams, Smith has no restrictions on the Players draft law to amend. According to the revised law, only one foreign player can buy a player from the draft drafts if needed for the transfer.

It has been reported that Comilla Victorians started contact with the former Australian captain. Smith will come to play the BPL only if the contract is correct.

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