However, instead of mariniyo Zidane!

However, instead of mariniyo Zidane!

Special Munich coach Jose Mourinho was dismissed from Manchester United last week after losing 22 points to Liverpool at the top of the league table. After his departure, who will be the coach of the United States, this is not the end of speculation in the football world. Many people are in the list of interested coaches in the center.

Mauriceo Possetino

The name of the coach of Manu is the title of Argentine coach Maurizio Possetino of Tottenham Hotspur. The coach, who took part in the limited budget, brought Tottenham to the top four of the league. But despite the assertive demand, the buzz about the dismissal of Porschetron’s responsibility in the summer spell is not to send a big name to the Sparsh camp. The coach who has been interested in doing great work to improve the young players has the interest of several European teams, including Real Madrid. Manchester United, after the Premier League experience, may be the next door to this coach. United has been told that Pontytetino is interested in coaching the long term on permanent basis.

Zinedine Zidane

The list of Manchester United coaches is one of the most ambitious junkies named World Cup winning legend Zinedine Zidane. In the three years of professional coaching career, Zidane brought three consecutive Champions Trophy to Real Madrid. Zinedine was reportedly eager to work in a giant club in Europe, who left his job voluntarily in the current season. At the moment, Zinedine, who has been rested as a coach, will not have to pay any fine to Manuel for counting. So do not be surprised when the Zimbabwean Zimbabwean coach, Paul Poghachar, will be surprised not to be a football fan.

Arsenal Wenger

Another big surprise in the list of coaches is Arsenal’s former manager Arsenal Wenger of Manchester United’s strong opponent in the English league. German veteran Bayern Munich has been negotiating with the experienced coach who has left Arsenal in the summer last summer. But before Wenger’s appointment as Manu’s coach, it will be a big surprise.

Also in the list of coaches is Massimiliano Allegri, Laurella Bla, Antonio Kante, Eddie Hau, Diego Simeoni and Leonardo Jardim.

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