India wait for two wickets

India wait for two wickets

India need just two wickets in the last day to win the Boxing Day Test in Melbourne. Australia, after chasing 399 runs, finished the fourth day at 888 for eight wickets, Australia hosted To win, they need to score 141 more runs.

Earlier, India declared their second innings by 106 runs in eight wickets. Earlier, they made 443 runs in the first innings. Australia’s batting completely backfooted after Jasprit batted for just 151 in the bowling of Zaheer Bumrah. But in the absence of the bowlers, the bowlers struggled with enthusiasm. In the second innings of Pat Cummins’s second innings, in the second pace of the day, pressure forced India to take one wicket after another. India lost five wickets for 54 runs to finish yesterday. On the fourth day, on the fourth day, taking three wickets for 52 runs, the announcement was made by 106 runs, Virat Kohli, captain Virat Kohli.

Australia got off to a chase of 399 runs losing wickets from the start Aaron Finch, with just three runs to his side, went back to the 6th run of the series. At one stage, the top five batsmen of the top order returned only 135 runs and the lower batsmen got some resistance. Coming after great bowling, India’s biggest obstacle in batting also came in the form of Cummins. At the end of the fourth day he was unbeaten 61 runs. Nathan Leyanne, who took a ninth wicket partnership of 43 runs on the fourth day, has crossed the fourth day. Lion is unbeaten 6 runs.

India will take the last two wickets of Australia to win the fifth day. On the other hand, if Australia can make 141 runs, Australia will give birth to almost impossible cricket thriller. Although there may be some rain in the sky in the sky of Melbourne, but the expectant supporters will keep eyes from the morning.

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