Juventus won the Manjukicha goal

Juventus won the Manjukicha goal

Juventus, who won a 1-0 win in Rome on Saturday, won a breakthrough with a 1-0 win. Italian striker Mario Manzoucchich on the Alliance Stadium, the Italian champions won the only goal

Juventus, however, made the possibility of goals from the start of the home field. Romero Goalkeeper turned the two fine strikes of Alex Sandro into the 8th and 18th minutes. However, it was not good for the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo. In the 22nd minute, a lot of his bicycle kick goalkeeper left. After this, the former real star could not utilize many opportunities.

However, in the 35th minute Manjukich has tired of grief Mateja de Higuardo crosses the transformation into a head-on-goal this forward. Juventus went on to break the lead in the first half 1-0.

However, Ronaldo got some more opportunities to score goals. However, none of the head, shot or corner could be found to be eye-catching. Of course, the dramatization was somewhat similar. The player named Douglas Crowe, instead of Paolo Diabla, was caught in the ball in the last minute of the main period. However, at the right moment, Blair Matudi did not score a goal with the help of VR technology for fouling a player of Roma.

Juventus, the top team in Syria ‘A’, won 49 of 17 matches and won 49 points with the only draw. Napoleon has strong opponent with 41 points in the second position.

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