Maradona was with racist behavior!

Maradona was with racist behavior!

Legendary Argentine footballer Diego Maradona was also in his carrier racist behavior. He told about the recent incident of a racist scandal in the Italian League series ‘A’ and that he had opened his face in the press. Senegalese footballer Kalidu Cooliebley is the latest victim of this racist behavior in Serbia ‘A’, Maradona’s former club, Napoli.

Napoleon’s Senegalese defender, Kalidou, had to listen to the duo of inter-supporters in the match against Inter Milan in Boxing Day. Along with this, the rampant monkey has been cut off by the monkeys. In this incident, Kalidu jordi, a social media medium in Instagram, published an image of Argentine football-God.

“I played seven years in Napoli,” Maradona said. I remember clearly, I had to endure such behavior from some supporters. The supporters of some of those racist behaviors of that time are still in my eyes. ‘

Maradona also said, “In the recent incident, I want to stand beside Kalidur. There is a racist problem in the Italian Serie A. I wish everyone all the best, and if this is the racism that has ever happened, then it should be closed forever. ‘

Kalidu, however, did not play in the next match of the tournament. But all of Napoli’s teammates have expressed their solidarity with him after wrecking his jersey before the match. Inter-Milan authorities have already given punishment for the incident in Syria-based authority On their home ground, their next two matches will be played without visitors.

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