Messi does not need World Cup to prove

Messi does not need World Cup to prove

Messi will not be able to win the World Cup trophy, but will be one of the best footballers of all time. The legendary Brazilian player, Jico, who is known as ‘White Pale’, said that in an interview given to a sports media. Although he has won almost all trophies and personal prizes in football, he has to be satisfied with the runners-up of the World Cup in Argentina for the Argentine magician to play for Barcelona.

Jiko, who is fifth in Brazil’s list of the highest goalscorer ever, could not even touch the World Cup trophy. Having played in three World Cups for Brazil, it is also the best of Zico’s career to become the third highest in the 1978 series. One of the world’s finest players in their time, FIFA is on the list of the 100 greatest footballers of all time. Speaking about Lionel Messi, Jiko said: “Football is not private, team game. People only talk about group achievements in the past, but that’s what you can do in your career. So all the personal success of Messi will not fade without winning the World Cup.

Likelier Messi praised Jicico: “Johan Cruyff never won the World Cup. But he is one of the best players in history. That’s true for Messi. ‘

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