Neymar will return to Barcelona?

Neymar will return to Barcelona?

Barcelona have joined the PSG team for a while In the meantime, the buzz has been heard several times, and again he can return to Spain’s club. Despite the fact that the buzz does not match, Neymar has requested another Brazilian midfielder Arthur Mello to return to Barcelona. In July, he joined the Catalan club.

Brazilian midfielder Arthur joined Barça from Brazil’s club Gremio in 40 million euros. Arthur was optimistic about Neymar’s return to Camp Nute since La Liga giant was in the team. Arthur said in local media, ‘I personally prayed for him to come back. Because he is a star, there is no doubt about it. I always believe that as a team, the better the team will be, the stronger they will be. I have done a lot of work to bring him back personally.

The Barcelona midfielder, who believes in Neymar’s privacy as a personal affair, said, “He (Neymar) has a life of his own. He knows what he needs to do. I do not know how deep the talks with him were, whether there was any way to get back to him at all. But she is a close friend of my personal and professional life. I respect his decision. Even then he would be very happy if he came back. ‘

This season Neymar scored 11 goals in 12 league matches. PSG is currently at the top of the league table with 13 points.

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