Sabbir’s promise to return

Sabbir’s promise to return

Danny Morrison greeted him with an aggressive batting philosophy and a little greenish eyes, saying, “Shabbir Rahman, The Vampire Eyes.” Ramiz Raja, Sanjay Manjrekar, Russell Arnold, even Dean Jones, cricket legends and legends call him the most promising talent of Bangladesh cricket. Different time

In the points, boundary line or any other position, he has the ability to take a different look but he can take a different look. The ability of the cricketing dictionary to play all the shots, great timing and sending the ball to the spat, the question of the extraordinary talent of nature is that the country’s cricket fan, from the beginning of the selection, the selectors too. But only due to disciplinary problems, Sabbir is going to get lost.

Sabbir Rahman is out of international cricket since last September. In the national cricket league match, a supporter is physically assaulted, and sometimes during social media complaints about the use of bad words came against Sabbir. The BCB has been banned from international cricket for six months with strict action after investigating the complaint. As a result, the doors of the national team were closed for Sabbir. Mohammed Mithun got a lot of opportunity in place of Sabbir instead of himself. As a result, to return to Sabbir Rahman, not only disciplined progress but also to bat, there is something extraordinary.

The bird’s eyes were made by SBBHI BPL to return. Want to do Sylhet Sixers something great. Rajshahi’s cricketer, hoping to return to the national team, told the media, “I think the national team’s doors are open to all. On the way back to the team, BPL can make a big opportunity for me. I want to play my usual game in the BPL.

Only a few months later, the World Cup. Little time So, after all the controversy has left the country’s jersey for joy, and the countrymen want to float in joy. Realizing the past mistakes, Sabbir said, “In the year 2018 was terrible for me. In the new year, forgot everything that is old and want to start a new way. If we can do something extraordinary in the BPL, then hopefully we will have the opportunity to return. ”

Unscheduled Sabbir’s team can be a good news for Bangladesh cricket.

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