Messi opens his face against Ronaldo

Messi opens his face against Ronaldo

For almost a decade, Cristiano Ronaldo had a time limit of Lionel Messi in La Liga. Barcelona’s Argentine talent is open for the first time. In an interview with Spanish Sports Daily Mark, Messi said that his opponent was “thrilling” with the Portuguese star. After this season, Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid in La Liga and joined Juventus.

In 2009, Manchester United joined Spanish giants Real Madrid, at that time Cristiano Ronaldo became Messi’s world champion for Barcelona team at La Liga. For the Superhero Messi and the Ronaldo team, the battle of two archives is different. These two together combine world-wide performance full-world football fans. At the same time, heavy weight for heavy personalities,

Messi said that he was ‘exciting’ and ‘very nice’ for both fans against Christensen. In this match, Ronaldo won two Spanish La Liga and four Champions League titles for Real Madrid. Messi has won six La Liga and three Champions League titles for Barcelona. During the two Superstar wars, both players won the Ballon d’Or, the highest personal medal of football, five times. But if they go to Madrid and join Ronaldo Juventus, then the war will be frustrating.

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