To do the treatment of unwanted hair

To do the treatment of unwanted hair

It is called unnoticed or unwanted hair on unnecessary body parts. Usually, malaria hormone is more common in women, and this is a problem.

Currently there is very good treatment for unwanted hair. Regularly organized on NTV in this regard, Professor Reza Bin Zayed, in the 3309th episode of Health Day program, said. Currently he is working as a consultant in Skin Square Dermatology Department.

Q: How do you solve unwanted hair?

Answer: The amount of unwanted hair, but not least. There may be 10 unwelcome hair in 10 women. Many people try to hide themselves with unwanted hair. Because, those who have unwanted hair, they are mentally somewhat weak, thinking that nobody saw or not. He becomes mentally disturbed. For this, he tries to hide.

Nobody wants to tell anyone at first. Even after saying, still trying to cut itself off, truncate itself. Even then, when they are not there, they may go to the doctor. There are many times to see the advice of others. Many people continue to do so. If treatment can not be done properly, then seeing it can be very difficult to get rid of.

Q: How do you start treatment?

Answer: Earlier it was started with advice. First, make sure the hair is there, but there will be no other changes in the body. At first he was assured, there would be no other problem from it.

It has very good medical care. Not only is the treatment done well, it is possible to get rid of mental retardation.

What we do, we first measure the amount of android hormones. We found this in a simple blood test. If we see that the hydrogen hormone is more, we can treat it with the assumption. Antioxidant hormone is a treatment, there are medicines, and we do it. Usually they are coticosteroids, or it is a phenistried group or it can be antanthrogen.

After measuring these types of medicines. The advantage is that the new hair is coming off, it slowly turns off. Now that’s left. Destroy them. In order to destroy, the patient may trim it manually. If we do this, we welcome it. Some medicines have to be applied by fitting, and they fall into the hair. Truncation is not a permanent solution. Now the most popular laser in the world. This laser is seen in the remaining hair, which should be treated in the treatment. That is, the fine fur comes back. The laser does not become glittering completely clear. That is the usual way to come. For this reason, the laser girls get mentally immensely. This is the success of medical science. That was not what happened before.

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