40 workers were killed and at least 10 injured in a gold mine collapse in Afghanistan.

Afghan MP Fouzia Kauffi has said in a statement that the incident took place when he was working on the mine in Quetta district of Badakhshan province on Sunday.

The dead were all called miners, provincial official Neck Mohammad Nazari.

Najari also said that villagers have been doing this work for decades. He also said there was no government control on them.

Quetstan District Chief Rostam Raghi told the BBC, “Local people rescued 13 workers after the accident. The rest could not be rescued. Many people including children died. ‘

A spokesman for the Afghan National Disaster Management Authority said that 50 thousand local currency will be given to the families of the dead.

Afghanistan is full of mineral resources. But most of them are old and not very important in maintaining them. And so they are very risky for the workers.

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