One tuna fish worth 26 million!

One tuna fish worth 26 million!

The maker of a sushi maker in Japan has bought a tuna fish with a record amount of about 26 crores (3 million dollars). Buying this fish weighed heavily from Tokyo’s fish market, the popular restaurant businessman ‘Tuna King’, Kyo Kimura, famously bought the world’s media attention. The fish sold at a skyscraper price are known as rare ‘Bullufin Tuna’ species.

Prior to Kiyoshi Kimura, there was a discussion on buying fish at incredible prices. In 2013, Kiyoshi Kimura bought a tuna fish at a price of 11.77 million taka ($ 1.4 million).

Tuna is auctioned for the new year. After buying the fish there, Kemura told reporters that I actually bought a good tuna. At the beginning of the new year, Tokyo’s fish market has been auctioned every time.

In the last eight years, Kemura has recorded the highest price of seven times.

Local people say that this year’s tune has increased in the summer of New Year’s auction. Apart from this, local media has been told that he has bought this tuna fish at such a price to keep the monopoly status of Kishore Sugi Restaurant business. In general, tuna worth Tk 50 lakh 26 thousand rupees was known to rise.

However, the issue of rare species has also been in this unusual price. Bluefin tuna has been identified as extinct in the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) list.

Established in 1935, this fish market attracts tourists from all over the world. The previous location has shifted from Sukiji to the new modern settlement area, the Tokyo authorities. In October, the first auctioned new tuna was sold at a record price.

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