Sarabirala Temple surrounded by Kerala Kerala, arrested 750

Sarabirala Temple surrounded by Kerala Kerala, arrested 750

Violence erupted across the state due to the entry of two women to the Shabrimala temple in Kerala, India. 750 people have been arrested in these incidents, state police said.

In the early hours on Wednesday, when the two women, Namukaran and Kanakdurga, entered Sharmid temple in spite of religious restrictions, the protests broke out in different areas of the Hindu community of Kerala. Many areas including Tiruvanthapuram took shape in the battlefield.

On the other hand, many Hindu groups called on Monday to protest the incident, and their supporters dropped out of the street with bombs and sticks. Through this, violence has spread in different parts of the state.

Demonstrators set fire to several vehicles in different parts of the state under the leadership of Shabrimala Work Committee and Interpol Hindu Council. Many shops were vandalized. Photo courtesy Sajalah Ali Fatima, a woman painter, was attacked by protesters by protesting workers at the time.

Protesters clashed with police in Kozhikode, Kannur, Malappuram, Palakad and Tiruvannanthapuram areas. At that time, they were hurling stones at the police, they were forced to deal with the situation and ultimately forced them to water and lash out.

In the violence, about 30 police personnel were injured in the state. 750 people were arrested on charges of attack Demonstrators have been confiscated for mobile and have already been sent to the concerned investigation department for the digital examinations.

Police also operates a special operation named Operation Broken Window to prevent the ongoing protests. A list of mentors has been created for photo violence. In addition to this, the initiative to rescue arms by suspected attackers’ homes is carried out in the hands.

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