Saudi authorities want 5 people to be hanged in Khushogi

Saudi authorities want 5 people to be hanged in Khushogi

Saudi Arabia on Thursday announced that it will seek death penalty for five suspects involved in the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khasogi. The prosecutors said that 11 suspects involved in the murder were attending court hearing for the first time with their lawyers. However, their names were not mentioned in the statement.

The statement was not given in the statement as to why there was no formal charge against the remaining seven arrested in the October 2 assassination of the Saudi Embassy in Turkey. Earlier, Saudi Arabia had informed that 18 people were arrested for the killings.

Without giving a detailed explanation in the statement, it was said, “The government prosecutors demanded proper punishment against the defendants and sought the death penalty for five of the defendants for directly involved in the murder.”

Saudi Arabia’s long-standing tension with the United States in connection with the assassination of the critically critic of the Saudi King, Jamal Khasogi. Along with this, new international pressure has been created to stop the Saudi-led war in Yemen.

On October 2 last year, the Washington Post’s columnist and Saudi journalist Jamal Khasogi, who was immigrated to the United States, was killed after the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, to collect papers related to marriage documents.

Saudi Arabian Emperor Jamal Khasogi was once influenced by the royal family in response to the power of the Saudi monarchy. Basically, he was criticized by the Saudi government by criticizing Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

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