Shutdown ready trump for years!

Shutdown ready trump for years!

President Donald Trump has said that if the United States and Mexico are not in agreement about the construction of the border, the government will partially shut down in the United States for years to come.

After meeting with top Democrats, Trump said that he would build the US-Mexico border by announcing the state of emergency in order to prevent congressional power.

Trump said at a press conference in the White House after a meeting with Congress leaders on Friday. This is known from a report published in the BBC on Saturday.

But Trump also said that he had a positive discussion with the leaders. He expressed hope that this situation would end soon after the settlement of the border security issue. Trump said that if the US does not agree to allocate necessary money to build strong walls for the sake of security, he will issue the deadlock until the month or year.

Trump, which is not concrete, is considered appropriate to lift steel walls on the US-Mexico border. He said that for the sake of the country’s wellbeing and security the boundary walls should be taken.

Demands from the Democrats over the Mexico-Border border issue were closed in the United States on December 22 last year, with the payment of nearly eight million government employees.

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