World Bank president resigns
Suddenly Jim Young Kim announced his resignation Photo: Collected

World Bank president resigns

World Bank President Jim Young Kim resigns His period was up to 2022. But before he quit his post.

The BBC reported that Jim Young did not give any reasons for resignation.

The World Bank’s dispute was overrun with US President Donald Trump, in various policies including climate change, BBC reported. But Kim did not say anything in public.

Jim Yung Kim, 59, is the head of the World Bank for six years. He is a South Korean citizen When President Barack Obama was President of the United States, he took charge of the World Bank chief.

Kim took responsibility for the second term in 2017. Although he had a tenure of up to 2022, he announced his departure. The World Bank has said it will join an organization that works with infrastructure and investment in developing countries. Kim said in a brief statement, “It is a great honor to be important as the president of this organization.”

Kim’s resignation will be effective February 1. Meanwhile, World Bank CEO Kristalina Jorjiva will perform her duties as Kim’s resignation.

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