Be careful before breastfeeding! Do not you bring danger?

Be careful before breastfeeding! Do not you bring danger?

There is no pair of milk to provide proper nutrition to the human body. But the milk can be caused by the danger! This shows a recent study.

According to an report published in an All India Media report, many types of steroids and hormone injections are given to cattle for getting more milk. This may be the problem. Oxytocin injections are usually given to increase milk supply. Playing milk or dairy products can cause major damage.

Delhi’s Chief Infertility and IVF Specialist Indira IVF Hospital’s doctor Arvind Baidya says that pregnant women can be pregnant by playing oxytocin-mixed milk. Or they can give birth to a child with a disability. Not only this, women may experience rapid menstruation or breast-related problems. Oxytocin boys can destroy testosterone hormone paralysis, he said.

The report claims that Milk Khan, 70 percent of Indian plastic packet pack. Plastics have BP which increases the chances of infertility in both men and women.

The report also says that the doctors can be advised to release such problems if they are properly breastfed and advised. They should take special precautions in this regard, they said.

Source: Ebella

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