Pregnancy is the way to avoid digestive problems

Pregnancy is the way to avoid digestive problems

A major problem in many problems during pregnancy is indigestion. Hormonal changes, other changes in the body cause problems like digestive problems, constipation, and constipation. This time you can get rid of this discomfort if you make some changes in your diet. Some ways to know,

Fiber: Prevalence of constipation due to digestion in Pregnancy is very normal. To avoid this problem, keep at least 25 grams of fiber in the diet every day. It is important to have fruits, vegetables, whole grains in the diet. It is as good as eating meat.
Few food: Pregnancy is a very common problem in book cheating. The uterus grew up and pressed the other organs in the body. So playing less than 5-6 times a day, you will not get stomach pressure. You can overcome indigestion, chest problems.

Fat and Refined Sugar: Dietary Fat Pregnancy can reduce the rate of digestion. So this time the amount of fat consumption will be reduced. Refined Sugar also has similar effects.

Fluid: Pregnancy itself is very important to keep hydrated. So eat plenty of water. If you have at least 10 cups of fluid every day, you will be able to overcome digestion problems.

Stress: Stress is a big cause of digestion in pregnancy. Stress inhibiting the functioning of the dietary. Stress increased due to changes in hormones. So try to spend stress. Take the help of specialist if needed.

Exercise: Regular exercise in pregnancy can be avoided if you have problems. Walking, swimming, dancing or cycling is a good exercise for this time. In addition, aerobic exercise, pre-natal yoghasabha also helps in the problem of metabolism.

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