Reasons for anal itching and its solution

Reasons for anal itching and its solution

Anal itching is a common problem. It is found in the ancient medical book book that this issue is written. It is believed that due to the abundance of the nervous system in the anus or knees, this problem is felt intensely. Even in case it becomes extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing. But anal itching is not a disease. It is expressed as a symptom of various diseases. In most cases it is possible to treat it with little exception.

Reasons for itching:
The anus and its surroundings are usually itchy. Men are more affected than women. In most cases the real cause of itching is not found. The main reasons for anal itching are:

1. Both stool or excessive anus can cause anal itching.

2. In some cases, the use of perfume soap, colored-perfume and tissue paper may also cause itching.

3. Those who are more susceptible to this type of problem are more likely.

4. The main cause of worm itching in children’s case. Usually the children’s anus itch at night during sleep.

5. The elderly may also cause itching due to worms.

6. Often it is irritated due to bacterial and fungal infections in the anus or its surroundings. Usually, women are more likely to suffer from fungal attack.

7. Sexually transmitted diseases can also cause anal itching.

8. All skin diseases that cause itching (such as allergies) can be itching on anus. Especially one of the reasons for itching of soreitis and contact dermatitis.

9. Coffee, chocolate, beer, nuts, tomatoes, milk and dairy products, and savory food itching.
10. Often the cause of the drug is the anal itching. In the medicines, leukectic and antibiotics may cause anal itching.

11. In general, anal fissures, piles and fistula are analisal in the surgical disorders.

12. Ibs, diarrhea and stool disorders due to stools are also itchy.

13. In very rare cases, it is the cause of ankylosing itching.

14. Diabetes can sometimes cause itching.


Usually itching can be wet wipes and irritation with itching. Even the anus can become red. Most itching does not require treatment. Usually following some rules in the house can be avoided by itching. For example,

1. Avoid foods that are allergic.

2. After wash and excessive sweating, keep the anus wash clean and dry.

3. Use loose cotton loin cloth.

4. Do not use colorful, fragrant and untouched toilet paper.

5. Do not use perfume soap.

When should a doctor go to:

However, it should not be neglected when anal itching. In some cases the doctor should be patient. The symptoms that are needed by the doctor are:

1. If the intestinal intensity is high and it is always irritated.

2. If it gets blood with itch.

3. Infections from an itching cause infection.

4. Having an anal wheel.

If you have these symptoms, then you should take treatment according to itching due to the treatment of a physician. Most patients can get complete freedom from ankle itching by proper doctor’s advice and self-care.

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