The period of pregnancy is not a risk of pregnancy?

The period of pregnancy is not a risk of pregnancy?

For birth control, everyone rely on contraceptive tablets or condoms. However, without the modern method, birth can be completely controlled naturally. If you have any idea about this, then do not need to go to the doctor.

The normal menstrual cycle of women is naturally determined. It has a few days, which is called a safe day or safe period. These days there are no risks of pregnancy, but having sexual intercourse. Doctors often call it calendar method.
To implement this method, we must know what is the safe day of menstruation?

According to experts-

For this method, first of all, should know if the menstrual cycle is regular. How long it is in the heart. The number of days after which is the lowest, 18 days will be dropped. This day is the first unsafe day since the first day of Period.

Again, as long as the maximum number of consecutive periods, excluding 10 days from the first day of the month, this day is the last risk day.

Let’s say with an example …
Suppose your period is between 28 to 20 days. However, 28-18 = 10, that is, about nine days since the beginning of the period is safe for you, without any procedure in these days, it can be easily possible. Starting from 10th day to unsafe days. So from this day you have to be restrained.

30 days is the longest monthly cycle. So 30-10 = 20, that is, the day of 20 is the last risk day. From 21st day it can be done freely again. There is no possibility of pregnancy. However, within 10 to 20 days, pregnancy can occur due to free intercourse.

Just look at this matter very easily ..
It is safe to have sexual intercourse with the first seven days of the beginning of the period and the last seven days of the last. However, this period will not be effective if the period is not regular. But above all it is to say, sex without condom is not safe at all.

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