What to do if failing to get pregnant

What to do if failing to get pregnant

The greatest dream in every woman’s life is to become pregnant or to be a mother. But not wearing ‘pill’ is not pregnant? Then learn some tips that can help you get pregnant.

‘Good timing’ is very important
Although it is not true in all cases, according to the normal rules, the average female cycle of menstrual cycle is 28 days.

Many of them are also occasionally irregular. Therefore, if there is a sexual intercourse with a husband or partner for seven days of ‘ovulation’ or osmosis, then the probability of a woman becoming pregnant is the highest.

‘Good timing’ when?
Although the exact time of ovulation is difficult to understand, most of the girls have ovulation 10 to 15 days before the menstrual period. That is, this is the most fertile time. Therefore, women can become pregnant when they are sexually calculated. But if there is any other problem in the body, then the other.

There is nothing to be disappointed
There is no reason to be upset or to blame if we do not succeed after trying for some time. For many, it may take time. Indeed, pregnancy depends on the number of women, their ability to be born, ovulation or ovulation, women’s general health and living.

Folic acid and iron tablets
To make pregnancy, that is, some rules may be adopted to increase the impairment and improve the uterus. In this case, you can enjoy folic acid and iron tablets. However, it must be consulted with the doctor.

Eat and drink
If you want to conceive, you have to be careful about eating and drinking. It is important to have a diet rich in vitamin C in your diet list. Besides, various types of nuts and milk or national food also help in pregnancy.

Keep stress away
Many women suffer from stress due to lack of childhood. Again in our society, the pressure came from the family. In this regard, gynecologist Dr Dahim has advised to take any kind of pressure on his own. Piedo Because it can not be forced to bear children or be a mother to child. If there is any emotional pressure, then it is not always good for the child.

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